Interested in meditation, a deeper understanding of yourself and others and how to integrate your true values and purpose into your work?

Do you have unhelpful habits that you wish to change?

Looking for more energy, greater influence, more focus and a greater sense of achievement?

Do you want to create a sustainable leadership style where people thrive, innovate and feel valued?

Do you want to understand your own “Personal Source Code” that governs your thoughts, choices, mood and results?

Would you like to be more adaptive, creative, resilient and able to handle change?

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New levels of thinking for new results. Let me help you increase your influencing and communication skills.
Tony Betts
Your Master Coach

What we offer

The Art of Not Doing

This is a transformative tool for self management, or leading others. Through the integration of purposeful thought and action, you will achieve faster rewards and free up time for more quality and less quantity. The Art of Not Doing (TAOND) is a practical and powerful approach that seeks to demonstrate that less is more. Clear thinking about what we really want leads to better, more focused actions with minimum wasted effort.

The Power of Alignment

Do your managers really know what your key people think and feel about the organisation, or how to engage, stimulate and retain them? Are your people adaptive, self motivated, energized, engaged, invested, loyal, innovative, clear and focused in their actions? If not, why not? Do they feel alignment between their personal well-being, their sense of purpose and how they spend their time working for you? This deeply experiential half day workshop aligns and engages the business, its customers and its people through simple meditative techniques specifically designed for application in a business environment.


I love coaching. Its the fastest most effective way to facilitate change that I have ever experienced. And its not just superficial change to deal with new or different situations or circumstances. It is usually really transformational and offers the coachee insights into their own patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking. I have logged over 10000 hours of coaching senior business people globally across many cultures and industries. The coaching methods I use are not merely theoretical, but based on many years of practical business experience. Plus I have more than twenty years of practice in designing and running leadership and management training courses.


He has an incredible skill of guiding you to find a straightforward and doable way forward
Country Director
British Council
I have been able to develop and improve my business internationally. He is considered invaluable to the continued success of my business enterprise.
Hong Kong
"I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to any individual requiring a fresh approach to their leadership style.
Director Creative & Product Development
Walt Disney
I have been coached by Tony to take on a more strategic regional role.Tony has helped me tremendously in adapting to my new role and answering my Group Executive expectations in terms of strategy and communication. His approach is very personal and going from what my objectives were, combined with corporation expectations and suggesting different approaches to challenges I was facing. Tony shared with me some very practical techniques. I am now much more comfortable in my new function. I highly recommend Tony’s services.
B. P.
Southeast Asia Area Director
Indeed, this was the best coaching I have ever done. Thank you!
Leading Car manufacturer - Europe
Your ability to understand people and find the way to go through is amazing. Chapeaux my friend and angel
Vice President
Sales - Europe
Tony helped me to have a better knowledge of myself, and motivates to take on new challenges and approach old problems with a new perspective. It is energizing.
Vice President – Leading car manufacturer
Tony has an amazing depth of knowledge about so many areas, and a gift for encouraging others to look at things from a fresh new perspective....I am still using the tools and techniques Tony shared with me, on a daily basis.
Head of Learning & Development
Just wanted to say thank you again for a genuinely brilliant 5 days. I find myself today incredibly focused and also wide open in terms of what I want to do and do for others, so thank you.
R. J.
Commercial and Support Manager
Tony gave me techniques to cope with negative pressure, how to coach team members, a pull instead of push style of leadership, visualisation. Better resilience, resisting pressure and a more positive mind set.
P. L.
Manager – Leading Car manufacturer
Tony helped me to understand a lot about my conflicts with externally driven factors and helped me to start a journey within ME
Supply Chain Services Manager
Tony helped me focus on specific actions to take to help generate business. I trust him.
Motion Picture Photography, Los Angeles / London

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